The Cosmic League: Rise of the Allies

This is the kind of story that my younger brother and I would definitely be fighting over the TV when we were kids. As much as I was super addicted to fairy tales and princesses that time, he, of course would rather flip the channel in search for battles and superheroes to save the day. I guess, what I’m trying to say is that young boys would definitely love this book.


As far as children’s books go, I think it is also important that the story has some values to teach us. The Cosmic League: Rise of the Allies teaches the readers about teamwork and friendship, and how it is vital in achieving one goal. Catality and Tarsier Man didn’t really hit it off at first, but then they realized, with the help of Zombie Man, that they should work together to defeat Goliath the Tyrant. Another thing is that, this book also breaks the typical description of zombies that both grown-ups and children are accustomed with – ugly, scary and something that we should all run away from or else we’re dead. It goes to show that not all ugly looking is really bad, and we should just give them the chance to prove themselves.

The illustrations are superb as well, a great, welcoming change to the Japanese anime that I am used to see (well, Asia has a lot of them). An entertaining and educational read, and I recommend this to anyone who has young kids at home.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I loved it.


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