Paralysis Paradox by Stewart Sanders

61kzUqzWSVL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_I can no longer remember the last time I read science fiction. To be honest, as a self-proclaimed book junkie, this is one of my least favorite book genre. Although, I could say that it was truly nice meeting Gamma, Richard, Charlie and Vicky.

What The Book is About. I can’t help but think of David Levithan’s Everyday as I read the blurb and turned the pages of this book. That question cafe to my mind again – how does it feel to wake up in another body? In this book however, the character does not only wake up to a different body, but also in a different time. Here, the character has four lives – Richard, the prince, Charlie, an ordinary lad who always involves himself in brawls and never remembers anything, Vicky, that filthy rich young girl and Gamma, the computer. Four lives being lived by just one soul, or entity, or mind.

What I Think. At first I didn’t think the book was making sense. While I read, I was pretty much clouded by one question – what could be the possible relation of these people aside from they their lives are being lived by just by one soul, or mind? But then as I turned the pages, I realized that my question did not need and answer for the book to make sense. I easily got curious about what happens with Charlie (if he would finally figure out what his dreams are all about). I felt sympathy for Richard (as he witnessed the girl he fancies killed in front of him). And my favorite character was that of Vicky – smart, young chick who obviously embraces adventure.

Paralysis Paradox is one of the many good, unusual books I’ve read. This is a sudden shift to the types of book I usually read, but the shift is not too overwhelming. There were moments when I feel like I was reading something similar to Catcher in The Rye but with a bit of a twist. I’ll recommend this to anyone who wants to try out another genre without being overwhelmed.


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