Deep Blue by David Niall Wilson

When I read the first few pages of this book, I couldn’t decide if it was really horror. Maybe it’s because R.L. Stine works have always been my basis for horror reads. Anyway, I should say that Deep Blue offers more than what a typical horror book could offer.


What is it about?

It’s about a musical band wherein each member has their own kind of flaw. Brandt the drunkard and could barely pay his bills and Syn, who’s been seeing “angels” since she was a kid. Shaver, Dexter and Liz have hurtful pasts, and all of them are seeing visions while playing blues music. Visions that were all about other people’s pain and they have to feel these pains in order to have them slip away. They had to find out why that happens, and what they need to do about it.

What I Think About It

The book strongly reminded me of Douglas Coupland’s Girlfriend in a Coma, only because of the fact that both books are talking about visions. Deep Blue, I think, is more on spiritual and new gen book (that’s just me, though). The book is so lyrical and vividly written that my mind was able to play the scenes as if I was seeing a movie. To be honest, this kind of book is not my cup of tea, but the change is so welcoming and it certainly got me hooked. I liked the fact that everything and everyone was described in every chapter, and it kept me guessing for the relevance until the revelation.

Deep Blue is more than a horror book – it is a book that talks about how to feel other people’s pain and redemption. I daresay it is not for quick read, but something that would certainly keep you up at night.


2 thoughts on “Deep Blue by David Niall Wilson

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