A Lethal Time by Peggy A. Edelheit

I have been asked to read mystery books lately, and I should say that the favor effectively allowed me to go back to those days when I enjoyed then much and now I feel the same way. A Lethal Time, which is the fourth book of Samantha Jamison’s adventures is another mystery novel at its finest.



What Is It About?

Samantha, a was asked by her good friend Sally to house-sit her ranch while she and her husband Tom went for a vacation. Sam, a mystery writer who thought that a bit of nature communion can think clearly of what to write and also discern on what’s really going on between her and her on-and-off partner, Clay, agreed. She and Clay went to the ranch to spend a romantic time together. Until Sam received an anonymous phone call pleading for help about the missing woods. Then the web of puzzle begins.

What I Think About It

A Lethal Time strongly reminded me of Perry O’Shaugnessy’s Presumption of Death. I thought the book was not for a quick read (which is most probably true due to its number of chapters) but I was so surprised that I was able to finish it overnight. It kept me guessing until the end which I loved the most about the book. I was also on the look out for some cozy time with Clay and Sam, but no. This is a pure mystery book – but yeah, it didn’t disappoint me. The unforgettable part for me though, is the skunk shooting, and right now as I type this, I am giggling so very hard! 😂

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


A Lethal Time is a must-read of you are a big fan of mystery and suspense. Each chapter is a surprise, and the ending, although expected, wasn’t even clued in in the entire book.

Get it from Amazon at $2.99.

(This review also appeared on Amazon.)


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