Trauma Baby by Darren Van Gramberg

Young adult books were my favorite genre back in 2015. I don’t read much of them anymore thee days, though I still have a lot of them in my stash. Reading Trauma Baby somehow reminded me why I liked them in the first place.



What is it about?

David is surrounded by naughty school girls his age – bullying is just one of the many mischiefs they do. Though he does not completely agree with what they do, he just watches them play with other people in and out school, including even him. While he needs to avoid getting himself into trouble (having been admitted to foster care and having committed an offense the previous school year), a new girl comes in to the scene catching his interest. As David finds himself being attracted to the girl more and more, he must decide to sever ties with his friends to protect her – or not.

What I think about it. 

The story was captivating and caught my interest big time. I think it had me at “hemophilia”. Delilah was this classic bitch you see walking down the school corridor looking like she owns the world. Well, it wasn’t how she was described in the book but I imagined her that way anyway. When Samuel pops up, I feel like I am reading a story specifically intended for middle-schoolers, and so with Megan. There were lots of elements in the story that I had to figure out myself because they were not given proper or maybe deeper emphasis in the book.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I was looking for a deeper connection from David to me, as the reader. When I read books, I usually feel what the character feels, like I am being put directly into the scene. It could have been better if David talked about more about his pain over his mother’s death. Or maybe a bit of remorse when he learned that one of his friends died. And I was expecting more anguish when he learned what happened to Lucy.

I loved the story – it was definitely something that brought me to the realms of teenage angst and high school survival. But of course, it could have been better if I was able to connect more to the characters.



If you are a teenager that normally deals with high school trouble, or parent that needs to understand more of your teenage son/daughter, then I highly recommend this book for you to read.

Get it from Amazon at $0.99.

(This review also appeared in Amazon)


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