Shock Collar by Darren Van Gramberg

Shock Collar is the second installment of Trauma Baby which is a trilogy by Darren Van Gramberg. In this second book, we are taken in the further realms of David’s deep and intellectual thinking.


What Is It About?

After what happened between David and Isaac which left Lucy in a coma, they were being sent to juvenile jail. David was assigned to Manrazor, a juvenile prison which is known as the place for the most delinquent of all. There he meets the different kinds of juvenile delinquents, a pretty therapist and a woman from his past that would help him figure out what to do once he gets out of jail.

What I Think About It?

The setting strongly reminds me of Last Night I Sang to the Monster, most probably because of the jail, and also because of how the author narrates from David’s point of view. It seems to me that the children in Manrazor are all well taken care of, considering that they are in jail. Imagine a good set of meals three times a day, a place to sleep and to shower plus monetary allowance – if I am a teenage recluse, I may just want to commit a crime and be brought to prison than stay out cold and hungry! 😂 But this is not what David expected. People should be harsh and misbehaved, considering that he’s with kids who supposedly committed crimes. He eyed some potential bullies, like Frank and Antonio, both of whom he made peace in the end. He didn’t fully rest though, in finding out who’s behind the “tax collection” among the inmates.

Being in prison gave David the time to contemplate about his life, and h even considered his future once he got out. With the help of the young therapist Emma and his former teacher Ms. Ellison, he was able to map out what he was going to do. Certainly, fiction or not, this only signifies that all of us deserves second chances. I can’t wait for the final installment and see what happens with him and Lucy.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


This book could be your bedside table read. You won’t even know you have to read a prequel in order to follow through which I think is fantastic. I think this is something that should be asked to be read by students in school.

Get it from Amazon for $0.99.


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