Face of Our Fathers by G. Egore Pitir

When I saw the cover of this book, I figured I would have a hard time to finish reading it. I am a bookworm, sure, but sometimes I have a little patience with historical suspense.



What Is It About?

Stu and Angie Pierce are a couple who are out there reinventing their lives. Stu is a pilot who takes lesser flying schedule for triathlon training, while Angie does pro bono work as a human rights lawyer. They agreed long ago not to meddle with the other’s business, but when Stu saw a photo of a bruised girl in Angie’s files, he sets out to protect her without even knowing what the real danger is.

What I Think About It

I thought the prologue was something relevant to one of the middle chapters of the book, but when I started reading the story proper, I realized that the book actually has a modern setting and I am spared of reading a historical suspense. First of all, I admire Stu’s determination to respect what he and his wife agreed to. He doesn’t want to betray her trust in not looking into her legal files, but of course, his big time curiosity failed him. It’s just that Stu kept himself in the agony of thinking about all the possible dangers his wife might be facing, when he could have just asked Angie about it straightaway. I sincerely believe Angie should be forgiving.

Thing is, this book has a lot of words dedicated to the back story of the characters, which hid (this is just me, though) or concealed the real message of the entire story. I figured the story is about global terrorism, but I was way to absorbed in the back stories that sometimes I forget what was it about I am reading.

If you are into suspense and is fascinated about books that has a lot twists and turns, the you definitely have to read this book. Get on Amazon for $0.99.


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