Armageddon by Don Mardak

I’m starting to train myself not to judge the book by its cover. When I saw the cover of this book, I immediately thought of another modern sci-fi book. But after several pages, I was brought to another dimension conjured by the creative mind of Don Mardak.


What Is It About?

A nuclear holocaust is going to happen, and as the United States military is doing everything in its power to prevent the said world destruction, Eric is being trained by a Tibetan monk called Shimahn to travel back in time to stop it from happening. Eric has to try to go back in time three times – and change something in there that would prevent the possible “end of the world” from happening.

What I Think About It?

The first few pages of the book made me feel like I was reading a scholastic material, something more of a non-fiction academic book and it was an info-overload-kind of experience for me. What caught my interest in this book is the manner in which Eric has to save the world – time travelling. The concept of time travelling in this book is different from the other books I’ve read (e.g. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), which I think is great, because then we have lots of ideas and means on how to travel forward and backward in time. I wasn’t sure though what kind of religious belief Shimahn has for he talks about God and archbishops, and Catholics do not have reincarnations and past life in their doctrines. Anyway, the concept of time travel to keep the world from destruction is a little bit tricky but exciting. First, what if Eric failed to undo or redo whatever it was that that he needs to? Surely there would be a different outcome in the future. What if Eric wasn’t able to come back forward in time, or killed while he’s back in time? Well, this was explained by the Shimahn in the book, but these were the questions that kept me thinking. I mean, I might consider going back in time if it’s really possible.


Armageddon is a fascinating read. I am not a fan of sci-fi and war books (I’m a big fan of romance), but this definitely got me intrigued. The little patience I had with sci-fi books seemed to have grown, I think.


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