Ironheart: The Primal Deception by Dakota Kemp

It’s another sci-fi book and as much as I prefer to read romance, mystery and YA adventure, it feels like my clouded judgment when it comes to sci-fi books is becoming clearer.


What is it about?

Jack’s life has been all about survival. After his dad died and his mom left him and his brothers, he did what it took to survive one day at a time. Until he and his brother was unexpectedly hired by Fist, an underground mob boss and have them joined in his gang.  After their hide out is being raided, Jack finds himself with Freedom, an enigmatic revolutionary with deep hatred for the Primal Empire. Soon Jack recognizes himself as the most important pawn in a chess-like command of forces behind him.

What I Think About It?

To be honest, I haven’t taken so much liking with book that have prologues in them. There are books with prologues that don’t really feel like they’re relevant at all, and I felt the same for this book. I mean, it did not catch my interest, reading the first few pages or I was under the impression that this is going to be a hardcore boy book (yes, I’ve learned to refer sci-fi books as boy books). Anyway, after the prologue though, here comes Jack – an orphan teenager whose life mission is to become one of the most outstanding gangster (or at least that’s what I thought). His backstory was just so damn painful that I understood why he ended up not fearing death at all. I believe this is important, and the effectiveness of the back story being written made me connect to Jack’s character.  The mention of the Illuminati priests and the orphanage run by them caught my interest too. I have only read them in another book which happens to be Dan Brown’s, and I didn’t have any idea which of the books has the more accurate description of them.

As for the Primals, I honestly had a hard time imagining what they truly were despite the fact that the author has a very well-crafted description. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I am just starting to appreciate these kinds of book. Although, I should say that this is the kind of plot I’d go for in the movie. I think this will be a brilliant movie.


If you are a hardcore sci-fi book reader, then this is definitely a book that should be in your TBR list. But then again, I am not a hardcore sci-fi reader and I enjoyed it as much. 


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