The Day of the Dragonking: The Last American Wizard by Edward B. Irving

My brain seems to be wired to think of Harry Potter whenever there’s the word “wizard” involved. It did the same when I saw the title of this book. The word “American” made me stop though. “Oh wait, this should be interesting,” I told so myself.



What Is It About?

Steve witnesses a  plane crash not too far from his apartment – he even got himself wounded. It could have been an ultimate disaster, except for the fact that he was the only one who saw what happened. Then he receives a call, offering him an investigative job, and after meeting the blonde girl called Ace Morningstar and experiencing “odd” things with her, he learns that he’s the one-army wizard who can save the world from the bad ones.

What I Think About It

I’ve been thinking – what if the government is packed with people who do magic? What if the terrorists could also do magic? What if all of us are wizards and we just don’t know it yet? When I saw the cover of The Last American Wizard, I thought it was a children’s book. I don’t have anything against kid lit (after finishing the entire HP series for 7 days), it’s just that I thought it would be just like Harry’s story. Which, again, reminds me that I shall not judge a book by its cover. The Last American Wizard is an action-packed sci-fi slash wizarding novel with a mix of humor. For some reason, I kept seeing Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in mind while Steve and Ace is on the scene! And I couldn’t just ignore the fact that I kept on giggling with Steve’s pronouncements. It feels as if the book was written with so much ease and fun that I am thinking the author totally enjoyed writing the story.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


If you enjoyed Harry Potter or the movie Jump, then you’d definitely enjoy this book. The Last American Wizard will provide you with action, sci-fi and humor, which I am not sure many books offer.

(This review also appeared on Amazon.)


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