The Quest of the Thirteen by John DeFilippis

I haven’t read an epic fantasy book before, so I should say this is my first time. And as much as I wanted to have myself confined into reading romance, horror and suspense, I realized that adventures when it comes to book reading is quite satisfying too. The Quest of the Thirteen is another breath of fresh air into my now wide-ranging genre of book collection.



What Is It About?

The Kingdom of Mavinor needs a new king, or at least, that’s what Onestus, the current King of Mavinor thinks. Gone were the days when he could protect the walls of his kingdom, due to the lessened strength and capability to join the battle because of his age. Having no children to succeed to his throne, he assigned The Scribes of the kingdom to look through The Scrolls on how to choose the next ruler of kingdom. Then they found out about Haggiselm, the old Mavinor ruler and his quest for the warriors to determine the rightful heir to the throne. Onestus then chose thirteen warriors and assigned them the ultimate quest of finding the Medallion of Mavinor, and whoever find it shall succeed Onestus in ruling the kingdom.

What I Think About It

Like I have mentioned, the book is a breath of fresh air for me since it is my first time to read epic fantasy. I thought this would bore me off, but it surprised me because it caught my interest. It was a struggle for me in the first part, yes, and it didn’t help that I have this impression that epic fantasy books have a knack of using heavy but not too Shakespearean English words. At first I imagined myself watching that old Ten Commandments movie, but as I made progress, I find myself like I am watching episodes of Once Upon a Time. I love the fact that the author used light words, and this is advantageous for epic-book-beginners like me. Needless to say, I ended up reading the book up until the end. I should add that this is not the kind of book I would normally have for my bedtime read, but it worked.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


If you are a big fan of epic fantasy books, then this is definitely a gem to add to your collection. If you are like me, who haven’t read epic fantasy all his life but need a new genre to read, I’ll recommend this as well. It’s not too light nor too heavy so you’ll absolutely enjoy it.

(This review also appeared in Amazon.)


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