Oklahoma Winds by Cary Osborn

The thing about me reading a mystery book is that I can’t put it down until the mystery as been solved. This is exactly what happened as I read Oklahoma Winds.



What is it about?

When the dead body of a young lady intern was found in the archives  processing room, everyone wants to believe that it was just a mistake, or maybe a brutal accident. But Sydney, the archivist feels like there is something more to it, and it gives her the reason to believe that she is also unknowingly fighting for her life. So she sets out and does her own investigation. Could the crime be linked to the disappearance of a certain girl in the same town several years ago? And as Sydney finds out the truth, she may also find not only Irene’s murderer but also, her own.

What I Think About It

Mystery books are my favorite genre when I was in college. Oklahoma Winds is a book that I could line up with those of John Grisham and Perry O’Shaughnessy, minus the lawyers. The first thing I liked about this book is the female main character. Okay… not to be sexist or anything, maybe it is just something that fascinates me for some reason, or maybe because I am a woman too. Sydney signifies a strong female personality – independent and reliable. I also like the fact that the book not only mentioned an archive, but it became a significant place that everyone would remember. Hardly any new books I’ve read have the words “Facebook” and “library”, and I appreciate the fact that the author kind of tries to remind everyone through her book that, “hey, there’s still archives and library, you know?” Well, maybe it isn’t quite a pleasant reminder because of the gory thing that took place in the archive processing room, but still.

The fun part, of course, is that Sydney tries to do some investigating on her own. I might have done the same, if I saw my intern lying dead in the place where we work, and the authorities are next to clueless about what’s going on. Although I have always noticed this in most of the mystery books that I’ve read. The story kept me guessing until the end on why Irene the intern was killed, who murdered her and why.


If you are a John Grisham or Perri O’Shaughnessy fan, then this boom is absolutely a must read for you.

(This review also appeared in Amazon.)


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