The Children of Swan: The Land of Taron by Coral Walker

It’s another adventure that sci-fi fans should not miss. Children of Swan is indeed an awesome read.



What is it about?

Jack awoke one morning with his sister Brianna pounding on his door to tell him their mom and dad are missing. Much to his surprise, his parents’ bedroom are left with no trace – no bed, no furniture, nothing. So they decided to report the incident to the police and soon, Jack and Brianna, along with their little brother, Bo, find themselves being hauled away by the social services. Only they were brought in a strange facility where they learned the truth about their parents – they were from the land of Taron and was never really Earth inhabitants.

What I Think About It

The “parents are missing” part of the book reminded me of one of R.L. Stine’s YA novel, Missing (I must be reading quite a lot) and since I am R.L. Stine’s big fan, I went under the impression that The Children of Swan is going to be as impressive. Well, my first impression lasted. I like the super creative imagination of the author, like the Land of Skorpias, the Wona woman with mystical superpowers, and two teenagers whose parents are actually coming from a different planet. The entire universe is just too big and I can’t help but think that maybe, everything that’s been mentioned in the book are totally possible.  Jack and Brianna’s situation is unimaginable though. In real life, I mean, how can you possibly accept the fact that your parents are alien?  Are they considered humans?


Sci-fi fans out there, do not miss this gem! You have to read this for that another superb space adventure.

(This review also appeared in Amazon.)


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