The Shong Wars: Declaration by George P. Lung

This is another epic fantasy book for my bedtime read, and my fascination for this kind of book is getting stronger.



What is it about?

The Shong is known to be warriors of extraordinary powers, serving the Mongol elite troops. Zhang Ma is a young prince of the Shong, though not by blood. Naturally, his older brothers are fond of belittling and challenging him to prove himself worthy of the name and honor. Until his adoptive father assigned him the task of finding the girl who might be their only key to dominate the world. As Zhang’s journey of finding the girl progresses, he also realizes that he should do everything in his power to protect the girl.

What I Think About It

I am not sure which era this story has taken place, it wasn’t mention in the book. But the names and the scenes of battle heavily reminded me of Korean epic telenovelas that have recently gone famous in the Philippines. I imagined Zhang to be wearing that Korean old costume. 

As in all the epic fantasy books I’ve read (well, there’s just a few of them), the main character is always the mediocre creature without enough experience, who only rely to his instincts and trusts that he would be saved from tight spots by someone he used to save because he is a merciful prince. Okay, I have nothing against this and I write romance. The main character’s introductory qualities must be in a formula that epic fantasy authors are following in writing their masterpieces. I liked Zhang, though. True leaders must not just be tough, he also has to have a heart.

The game of Cheau is something I detest, though. It felt ruthless and inhumane. Though Zhang was kind enough to protect the prisoners in his side, which I think is one of Zhang’s admirable traits.


The Shong Wars: Declaration is a book to add to your collection of you are a fan of epic fantasy novels.

(This review also appeared in Amazon.)


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