Saving Sindia by Peggy Edelheit

Good books are really worth curling up with especially on rainy weekend nights. This weekend, I curled up with a one of Samantha Jamison mysteries, Saving Sindia.



What is it about?

Samantha went on a solitary vacation in the Ocean City. But as she was expecting a peaceful, away from chaos vacation, odd things began to spring up – a mysterious note that says she’s the lucky chosen one, a woman she bumped with in the boardwalk by the ocean who knew her real identity despite the heavy disguise, and a man who drove a Mercedes car, just to name a few. Then Sam found herself in the midst of mystery that she needed to help solving.

What I Think About It

Peggy Edelheit has a different approach in writing mysteries. The scenes in every chapter are not too heavy – they were as if the mysteries are just part of Sam’s everyday life (which I suppose is really the case owing it to the fact that she’s an author of mystery books). I guess what I am trying to say is that, the scenes and the mysteries in them are just coming naturally. I also loved the little lesson learned portion after each journal entry that I ended up highlighting some of them, although I didn’t enjoy the journal entry parts. I didn’t quite grasp the relevance of them. The chapters were short, which I appreciated, although I suspect that’s also the reason why the story seemed slow-paced (or maybe I am just too inpatient in finding out who or what Sindia really was). And yeah, I also had to admit that I missed the sleuth trio, Martha, Betty and Hazel. I’d never forget their epic skunk shooting back in that Sam’s another mystery A Lethal Time.


Saving Sindia is a mystery novel that I can categorize as a light read. Comparing to the hardcore mysteries like that of Grisham, Clancy or O’Shaughnessy, Edelheit’s books have this distinction. It’s mystery, and it’s light. Perfect for a lazy afternoon or if you just want to chill. 


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