Caitlin’s Cruise by Caitlin Dinoski

I am not a movie buff. If you would take a look at my official blog (that’s by the way), I have a category there that says On The Big Screen, but it doesn’t have a lot of posts. However, this book, Caitlin’s Cruise is something that makes me think twice about being a movie buff.



What Is It About?

Caitlin’s Cruise is a compilation of the author’s thoughts and reviews about all of the Tom Cruise movies. Caitlin’s not a big fan – no. Her husband, on the other hand is such a huge fan that he urged her to see all these movies. She was a bit reluctant but in the end, she agreed to do it, but she said she might as well blog about it.

What I Think About It?

Caitlin’s such a fantastic reviewer, and that’s not an overstatement. In all of the 38 Tom Cruise films she saw and reviewed, I must admit I only saw 3 – The Firm, Knight and Day and Jerry Maguire. I watched The Firm because of the novel. I saw Knight and Day because of the romantic angle. Then there’s this boy I liked so much and he can’t stop talking about Jerry Maguire, and I don’t have any idea about it, so I tried saving myself (LOL!). Upon reading all of Caitlin’s reviews, it makes me wonder what if I do the same? See all Will Smith films or Channing Tatum and review them all and make a book out of it. What do you think?

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


If you are trying to look for an honest review about Tom Cruise films, or maybe want to get an insight on how to write a cool review, read Caitlin’s Cruise.