Jailbait by S.A. Williams

If I would be given the chance to interview S.A Williams about this novel, there’s only one thing I’d ask: What made you write this kind of story? As an author myself, I believe there must be a valid answer to this. The afterword state that the novel has pushed her boundaries upon writing this story, and I must admit it did the same thing to me as a reader. And more.


What Is It About?

Jailbait is Amber’s story – a Miami police officer. She’s getting along with everything just fine, until she stars in a pornographic video by accident. Her life suddenly felt stumbling down, and her only hope might be Gannon Michaels, a detective whom she cannot trust.

What I Think About It

To be honest, this is the first time I felt extremely challenged upon reading a book. Not because it was poorly written (it was amazingly written, actually), but because I had to validate some of the scenes by checking the internet. I honestly think this novel’s main plot ingredient is too bizarre to happen in real life (well, okay, it’s fiction). The blurb made me think that I was about to read a crime/suspense/thriller, but it turns out that it is something that is beyond my wildest imagination both as a reader and as an author. 

Amber should have sought professional help, in my opinion. Clearly, she’s seriously disturbed, and her constant mention of God and the bible made it more complex. I wonder if she really knows what God wants for her, or she’s just trying to validate what she was doing which I think could be considered as “beyond immoral”. I don’t want to judge her character – her background may have contributed to it, but even if I try to look at it at a different angle, I can’t seem to find any validation for her actions and choices. Everything felt so wrong, until Gannon intervened. And it saddened me that Amber’s only hope vanishes simply because she was too clouded by her knowledge and belief of what is right.

In Conclusion

Jailbait is definitely not for the faint-hearted. I am not sure if I would read something like this again, although, I must give a thumbs-up to the author for the superb imagination.