Goodbye Bombay by Gry Fisner

So let me take myself back into reading romance. Goodbye Bombay, though it was a romance book for me, it covered a lot of different things about a married woman’s life.



What is it about?

The story opens with Christine telling her friend Phoebe about her wanders in Bombay, India twenty years ago. As fascinating as it was, it appeared that her life wasn’t that easy. She was constantly neglected by her husband, and add the fact that she was in the foreign land, she couldn’t help but wonder where she belongs. Until she met Sam, a gorgeous looking Indian, and despite being married, she fell in love with him.

What I Think About It? 

The way this book was written reminded me of Me Before You and Love, Rosie. I am not sure why, but maybe because all the books have touches of Brit culture. Anyway, I loved how Christine talked about her life in India. It made me feel like I was the one listening to her stories – it felt like it was spontaneously written which not many books feature. This kind of approach is kind of new for me and I think it was truly superb.

I can’t imagine myself being in Christine’s shoes, especially when she was in India. I mean, I think it would be cool if it would just be me, but imagine towing her daughter and her entire life in a foreign soil without knowing where to begin really. I felt the sense of belongingness she badly wanted to find, as she tried to fit in the Indian crowd (it also made me keep n mind to check the country’s culture when it comes to dress code before people whisper about me). But then I still couldn’t decide if allowing herself to fall in love with some was ever a good idea, despite the fact that she was often neglected by her husband and as obviously galvanizing behind her back.

Another thing that made the book interesting for me is India itself. Most books I’ve read are set either in the U.S. or in some parts of Europe. This book, however, showcased India effectively, in my opinion. The description of the country was so vivid that I could imagine what it says.


Story wise, this could be something in a very slight semblance of Paulo Coelho’s Adultery. Goodbye Bombay is something that you may want to add to your bedtime reads.


I Heart Geeks by Various Authors

Whenever I go to the bookstore for some new reads, I can’t help but notice the prominent selection of contemporary romance books, both adult and new adult that featured alpha males. Well, who’d want a limp guy for a love interest, at least in a novel anyway? I Heart Geeks is totally different. I would totally agree if one would say that this is a celebration of all the guys out there whose geekiness is worth falling for.


What Is It About?


Edited and compiled by Susan Renee Page, I Heart Geeks is a compilation of romance short story that features cosplaying. There are seven stories in the book, all of which are written by different authors. Although there are different meet and greets and twists to the love stories, it brought me to another dimension which I have thought of a little before – the world of cosplaying and gaming characters.

What I Think About It?

Cosplaying is something I never considered doing, simply because I was not interested in online gaming, and I had the littlest patience with anime programs and characters. But of course, this didn’t waver my fascination in reading I Heart Geeks because like I said, it brought me to another dimension. I couldn’t relate with all the fuss about how the ’70s Catwoman is different from the contemporary Batgirl, or who is Joss Whedon. However, the fluttering sensation in the stomach brought about by having an eye-to-eye contact with someone I really like or maybe the unlikely come back of that guy who ditched me years before were just some of the things I could totally relate about. Although all the stories in the anthology gave me toe-curling scenes in a wholesome kind of way,  my favorite of all is Goldstar. The story featured a girl who is unknowingly about to have a face-to-face with her “the one who got away”.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


If you are into romance, I Heart Geeks is something worthy of your collection. It’s a different taste of romance for it’s wholesomeness and geekiness. Oh and yeah, I appreciate geek guys. In real life, that is. Get in from Amazon for $5.39.

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Where Lemons Bloom by Blair McDowell

It’s already a pleasure to be assigned a romance book fro review, and even more so with a story that gives me more than what I ever expected. Where Lemons Bloom is a mix of romance and crime, and a bit sexy.



What is it about?

Eve Anderson meets Adamo de Leone in an island in Barbados in a very unlikely manner – she almost died. Needless to say, she owed her life to this one hell of a handsome man. Eve spent an entire night with Adamo albeit being perfect strangers to one another. After all, they were both vacationers and what were the chances of them meeting again, right? Little did she know, Adamo is going to be in the same place that she’s gonna be for the next two weeks. Meanwhile, Adamo restrains himself from getting close to Eve. His stained past prevents him from allowing himself to indulge the happiness is doesn’t believe he deserves. Thing is, he could not resist the beauty in front of him, that is, Eve.

What I think about it?

When I saw the cover of this book, I thought I am subjected to read a classic romance book, something a bit too far from the contemporary romance that I am used to reading. But of course, I was wrong. Skipping the book’s blurb, I turned every page with anticipation, craving for more. I loved the way each place was described in a book, especially in Italy (did I ever mentioned I love everything about Italy?). The introduction of the Italian heritage, the beauty of the streets in Lisbon and the breathtaking scene of the beaches in Barbados made me want to think that I have already been there. Yes, that’s how vividly descriptive the author was in this book, which is amazing. I also loved the fact that it didn’t just focus on romance – and including a crime angle to give further conflict between Adamo and Eve is very good.

Although I felt Adamo’s swelling ego when it comes to treating Eve. I mean, c’mon, man! The woman clearly accepted not just you but your entirety, yet you are still refusing because… you just don’t think she deserves you? Well, I am a woman, and I wouldn’t know how a guy’s man works. As for Eve, well, girl, I just don’t think it is necessary to pressure a man into marrying you six months into the relationship. 🙂

Okay, I may have said too much here, but I guarantee that this is just little of what you have to expect in the entire book.

RATING: 4 of 5 stars


Perfect book to bring with you on a vacation – one that involves beaches, yacht and travel.

Get it on Amazon for $4.99.

(This review also appeared in Amazon)